How To Choose The Right Flowers For A Wedding

If you’re getting married flowers are an essential part of the ceremony, they are the accessory to your event. These arrangements heighten the “wow” factor of your event, from the main ceremony to the reception. You should also remember that these arrangements will appear in your photos as well, they will be a large part of your wedding and reception.
Flowers For A Wedding2

When you’re considering the purchase and design of wedding flowers you should remember that there are many different applications for flowers such as the bouquets for groom, groomsmen, the bridal bouquet and ceremony flowers. First and foremost you must find an expert to walk you through this process, a florist who knows you, knows your personality or who you just click with is essential.

The flowers that drape your arm when you walk down the aisle are a quintessential part of your ceremony, they should embody you in every way. Flowers can be the voice of love and in the case of the bridal bouquet the essential statement for any wedding. In modern times a bride can express herself through her bridal bouquet and this statement has expanded far beyond the traditional, all white arrangements. Nowadays you can truly create a statement as unique as yourself and your ceremony with your bridal bouquet.

After you’ve chosen the ceremony setting and the gown you’ll be wearing then you’ll decide on flowers for the wedding. Waiting until this time allows you to choose a harmonious and continuous trend within your setting.   A good floral arrangement will draw all the elements of your wedding together. Color is often the most thought of characteristic but you should also consider the size of a bouquet.

Research is an integral part of the wedding and this is also true of picking a flower motif. This can be something as simple as looking through wedding websites or magazines, see what speaks to you. Are you a traditionalist? Do you prefer the classical wedding look? Or are you a trend setter? Would you like to stand apart from the crowd and have a truly unique wedding to your own tastes? All of these question are important when in the planning stages.

The wedding itself can be a huge source of inspiration, color will be a continuing theme and there may be small motifs within the settings that can be repeated throughout the floral arrangements. A wedding’s location can also be integrated into the flowers. Sentimental attributes can add that special meaning as well.

When it comes to the flowers themselves the options are almost limitless, you have a wide array of shapes that can be created and arranged. Everything from an elaborate bouquet to a petite design may be utilized. When working with these details that’s where an excellent florist comes in, your relationship with your florist will be especially important during this time.

Your florist is the expert through which you’ll communicate your designs and needs, he will be the guide to your floral journey. A good florist will take your design ideas and pair them with the proper flower types to truly wow your guests.

So do your research, write down the ideas and designs that speak to you then enter into a dialog with your floral designer. With a little bit of leg work you’ll be able to describe the perfect setting for your wedding and make it a success.

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