About us

jesusaFlowers can be just the sentiment that punctuates life’s special moments. In this business, Anza del Amo Florist not only sells flowers but adds an emotional connection to an event whether its condolences to a family member who has passed away or to celebrate a more joyous occasion such as a birth or wedding. This personalized touch is part of Jesusa Ceballos Escalante’s philosophy and whatever event you’re marking, it is the goal of Anza del Amo to make it unique and a part of you.

The real business of selling flowers it to help people show how they are feeling, to relate to others around them whether the moments are good or bad. It of the utmost importance to Jesusa that service is part of this experience. With years of experience Anza del Amo is prepared to design an arrangement that is appropriate yet amazing.

As a company we are blessed to be included in your life’s special moments. Jesusa Ceballos Escalante has been a part of of the horticultural business for years, starting with cultivation of flowering plants in his own back yard. As a child he loved gardening and soon it became an obsession. As an adult Jesusa took this passion and made it a reality with the Anza del Amo Florist storefront.

As a florist, Jesusa Ceballos Escalante has a deep, spiritual past that is at the foundation of the Anza del Amo business, these basic values are key to the success in what can be a modest pursuit. Esclante’s core way of doing business stands behind the belief that providing quality service, doing right by the client and meeting or exceeding all expectations is the only way to truly be of service to a customer.

As a true “brick and mortar” storefront you get to meet Jesusa face to face to discuss your arrangements, this personalized experience is key to the Anza del Amo philosophy. It is one that has been ingrained into the brand by him from the start. It is the desire of Jesusa that their love of flowers be shared with you or your family members.

Jesusa Ceballos Escalante is not new to the floristry industry with years of experience in arrangements and horticulture. Floristry is not just a business to him, it is a way of life. It is the hope of Anza del Amo Florist that this love and creativity be expressed with you and your family during your special moments.

It doesn’t matter the reasons that you’re looking for flowers, whether the event is a solemn one or whether it is a truly joyous occasion, Anza del Amo will help you make that first impression with a lovely flower arrangement that is personally designed by Jesusa Ceballos Escalante. When it is done perfectly a flower arrangement can punctuate a memory and get just the right message to a loved ones. When words fail, flowers succeed.

Sending flowers should never be a complicated process, it should be something that is done with care and emotion, not complication. Jesusa brings simplicity to the process from years of work in the floristry field. You’ll benefit from top quality, fresh flower collections and professional design. Visit Anza del Amo Florist for a truly personalized experience.