How To Pick The Perfect Flowers For A Baby Shower

When you’re preparing to bring a new baby into your household or family it can be an incredibly exciting time. In preparing for the birth of the baby many couples opt to have a baby shower to celebrate the life that is about to be. This is a joyous event for many young couples starting a family and is cause for celebration on many levels. The mother to be is going through an amazing part of life and family, flowers can be a way to share in the celebration as well as provide a beautiful place setting for a baby shower.

If you haven’t decided on a baby shower theme or color scheme yet, there is a great baby shower idea guide at Baby Ideas – Baby Shower Ideas

Flowers for a baby shower2

First and foremost you should find a florist that is in your region or local to you. Being able to walk into a storefront and talk to someone about your needs is extremely important when it comes to flowers. An experienced florist will be able to direct you to seasonal flowers and types that are currently available. Seasonal flowers will last longer and you may be able to get a larger arrangement for your money when going with seasonal flowers. Florists are the expert and will be able to walk you through the process, if you’re drawing a blank they can offer suggestions or direction.

When you’re choosing flower arrangements for the mother to be and the baby there are several things you should consider. The new baby’s gender is important when trying to coordinate colors with the shower. In the traditional sense colors for genders are blue for boy and pink for girls. These colors are often considered more traditional so you can also tailor your flowers with that in mind. If the parents to be are more modern you can also choose something more unique.

If the baby shower has a theme you should also consider that when designing your flower arrangement. You should also think of the arrangement as a cohesive unit from the color of the design to the vase or container. A baby shower may have many themes like storks, cartoon characters or other motifs that can be integrated into the floral design. You can also ask if the parents have decided on a nursery theme, if they do you can integrate these design motifs into the flowers themselves.

Floral arrangements are just made up of flowers either, you add on many accessories or smaller items to your flowers. For a new baby these items can be made up of small plush animals, balloons or even a care package for the new parents. You can also include gourmet items like chocolates or cheeses. One alternative to add onto a flower arrangement is a care package that includes items for the mother to be, things that will make her pregnancy that much easier as it progresses. These small luxuries will go a long way in making that special impression.

These are just a few options when considering an arrangement for a baby shower, meaningful flower arrangements punctuate a special event and with the help of a florist you can create a truly memorable gift the a parent to be.

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