Flower Ideas For A New Graduate

Flowers for a graduation2

Flowers are a wonderful way to express yourself during a special moment or to that special someone in your life. Flowers are traditionally given to mark those events in your life that are truly great. With that in mind you can also give flowers to mark a graduation. Graduation is one of those moments in life, it’s a defining moment, a rite of passage and to many a time of celebration that the sacrifices made over the years have culminated into a finale. The right flowers can truly punctuate the event but just how can you incorporate a floral arrangement into the day? Here are some simple tips to help decide on the perfect arrangement for your graduate.

First and foremost, color comes to mind. Colors can be associated with a variety of meanings, bright colors are often cause for celebration, orange can represent enthusiasm while yellow are for celebration. Colors can symbolize new beginnings or growth as well. Another option for new graduates, integrate the school colors into the arrangements. It can be a great way to acknowledge the journey that your grad has come through.

Flowers can speak a multitude of emotions, they are the language of sentiment and there are many different symbols. In terms of graduation several types of flowers are considered right for the ceremony. One of the most popular flowers is the “Bells of Ireland”, they are bright green which is a symbol of growth and new beginnings. There are other options though, you can choose irises, orchids, roses or lilies. All of these flowers represent a new beginning and the change or adventure that is about to begin.

A unique graduation presentation of flowers can be through the form of a lei. A flowered lei can be a traditional way to congratulate a new grad. Leis have been given in this fashion for many years and often are composed of orchids but they can also be made of other flowers such as plumeria. If you cannot give a lei and bouquet of orchids can also accomplish or send the same message.

If you have any doubts, you can always default to roses. They are a classic flower selection and are always well received. Roses will always stand the test of time, they are a classic for a reason.

The other option, choose your graduate’s favorite flower or have an arrangement designed around your grad’s favorite flower. A local florist can help direct you or even design your arrangement from the ground up. When looking for florists it is recommended that you visit someone local, you can speak to someone directly and they can get a feel for what you are looking for. You can also discuss your grad’s educational program, school or interests and they may be able to design something that is tailored to your graduates program.

Regardless of what you choose flowers are a way to truly make a special event that much more memorable, if you go the extra mile you can make the arrangement that much more personal. All it takes is just a little effort to add that special step to the occasion.

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