How To Pick The Perfect Flowers For Valentines Day

When it comes to the perfect gift for your soul mate it can be difficult to choose something that says it all. Flowers are one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day but with so many choices how do you know you’re getting the best quality and choice for your money.

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Hands down roses are the first choice for many, they are a traditional, go-to flower when it comes to sentiments of the heart. However they can be a little too traditional for modern couples, if you’re a trend-setting you may even consider roses overrated. Also, there’s a price point to consider, roses are over-valued and sometimes marked up during the Valentine’s Day holiday. Some studies show that prices on roses rise at least 100% during this time of the year. Another benefit to choosing a flower other than roses, seasonal offerings. Flowers in peak season will last longer as well as be a heartier specimen. You’ll get more flowers and sometimes a larger arrangement for the price when buying outside the box, there’s a lot of good reasons to choose something other than roses.

For someone who likes to be different and celebrate their own individuality you can choose from other flower varieties. Or maybe you want your flowers to last a lifetime? You could buy a potted, flowering plant or a flowering tree like a Gardenia. Buying plants that are meant to live longer can also show your commitment to your partner.

When purchasing it is also important to remember not to be left in a rush, don’t wait till the last minute to order your arrangement. It is best to place an order at least a week in advance to make sure your custom made arrangement will be delivered on time.

With any purchase you should do your research, the same is true for buying flowers! You should know the budget and price point of your respective choices. Research shows that the average purchase on Valentines Day averages around $50.00 but if you’re looking for something of higher quality or something exotic you should expect to spend more. Delivery is another option that will add to the overall cost.

Whenever possible, visit a local florist, though it is tempting to purchase from the large, online vendors these websites have no control over the final delivery, this means that there is a potential for damaged or less than fresh flowers to be delivered depending on the agent that carries them.

Flowers are a gift that can be highly personal, understanding this can help with your purchase. Buying an arrangement based on your significant other’s personality is a great way to make an informed purchase. You shouldn’t just focus on how the flower’s look, do your research, are the particular flowers you’re looking at in-season, are they a hearty species? Will they last long and do they travel well? Choosing flowers in season always mean they’ll last longer and that may mean they are a better choice for both your date and your wallet.

Buying flowers for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated, just give the purchase the same level of focus and attention it deserves for that special someone in your life.

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