How To Pick The Perfect Birthday Flower Arrangement

Flowers can be the perfect gift and fit a multitude of occasions, however picking the perfect type or arrangement can be difficult. Depending on who you are selecting the flowers for can also complicate matters, if you have a new significant other you may not quite know the particular interests of your partner. Depending on the length of the relationship you may also want to consider a smaller arrangement vs. a larger one, it’s easy to overdo it with flowers if the relationship is new.

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For a newer romantic relationship roses are a sure thing, a single rose with baby’s breath and in a crystal vase is a classic arrangement that is also a “safe choice”. For a longer, perhaps more committed relationship or marriage, long stem roses are another classic. Colors can also be an important decision, reds are usually indicative of love or romance while yellow indicates a friendship. Colors are important across all flowers types in fact.

Flowers aren’t the only option when it comes to things in an arrangement, some florists will allow special items that can be added onto the flower arrangement. Examples of “add ons” include fruit or dessert selections. Gourmet food items are a popular add on, gourmet foods can include coffee samplers, chocolates, cookies, or even cheeses or wine. Cards and balloons are another way to add something extra to a birthday arrangement.

Another thing to consider, like birthstones, there is a different flower signifying each birth month. Knowing the flower that is part of the month for the birthday you are purchasing for means you can additional meaning to your purchase. If you are interested in purchases flowers by month, listed by birth month, they are:

  • January – carnation, snowdrop
  • February – violet, primrose
  • March – daffodil, jonquil
  • April – daisy, sweetpea
  • May – lily, hawthorn
  • June – rose, honeysuckle
  • July – larkspur, waterlily
  • August – gladiolus, poppy
  • September – aster, morning glory
  • October – marigold, cosmos
  • November – chrysanthemum
  • December – poinsettia, holly, narcissus

By taking a few simple steps you can make your flower arrangement purchase for a birthday part of their special occasion. Flowers can be a simple yet intimate way to punctuate an important moment in someone’s life. They can also be a way to enhance the memory of the event. It is common in the U.S. to give flowers for any occasion and they can almost be guaranteed to carry special, intimate meaning. Give the attention to picking an arrangement as you would picking a gift, a level of personal attention will always come out in the arrangement and will make it extra special. If you give flowers often don’t “re-gift” an arrangement, don’t use the same selection that you have used previously for other events or people.

If you live far away from the person who is having the birthday flowers are a very effective way to express your sentiments without being there. There is something truly special about receiving a delivery of flowers from someone you love, especially recognizing your special day.

Using just some of the above suggestions can help put you in the right direction when it comes to selecting flowers for a birthday, the main point, give your arrangement attention to detail and be thoughtful. You’ll be sure to choose correctly when it comes from the heart.

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